Ensuring Workplace Health and Safety

Goolwa Medical Centre provides comprehensive Work Cover and Employment Medicals to ensure the health and safety of your workforce. We help you meet occupational health standards with thorough assessments tailored to various job roles.

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Expert Medical Assessments for the Workforce & Aviation Requirements

At Goolwa Medical Centre, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy workforce. Our Work Cover & Employment Medicals are designed to assess the health status of your employees, ensuring they are fit for their specific job requirements and workplace environments.
Our thorough evaluations are essential for both preventative measures and in response to workplace incidents, ensuring that all health aspects are addressed for ongoing safety and compliance.

Dr Jonas Kasauskas is an experienced Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) and is certified to perform medicals for private pilots and air traffic controllers.  

Comprehensive Medicals for Work Cover, AVIATION & Employment

Professional Services for Employer and Employee Needs

Goolwa Medical Centre offers Work Cover, Aviation & Employment Medicals


Keep your employees healthy and your workplace safe with our specialized medical assessments. Book your Work Cover or Employment Medical appointment with Goolwa Medical Centre today.