Personalized Diabetes Management

At Goolwa Medical Centre, we specialize in personalized diabetes care plans to help our patients lead healthier, fuller lives. Under the guidance of Carolyn Hollingworth, our dedicated diabetes care is both compassionate and informed.

Expert Diabetes Care in Goolwa

Supporting Your Journey to Better Health
Goolwa Medical Centre is committed to providing comprehensive diabetes care. Our approach integrates the latest knowledge and a deep understanding of individual patient needs, spearheaded by Carolyn Hollingworth, a passionate nurse nearing completion of her Diabetes Educator qualifications.

Specialized Diabetes Support Services

Empowering You to Manage Your Health

Registered Nurse, Carolyn Hollingworth, has a keen interest and growing knowledge in Diabetes.
Carolyn is nearing the end of her Diabetes Educator qualifications and is kept busy providing these services via Chronic Disease Management Care Plans for our patients.

Managing diabetes requires understanding, patience, and the right support. Connect with us today for a tailored care plan and take a proactive step towards managing your diabetes effectively.