Expert Sports Medicine Care

t Goolwa Medical Centre, we’re committed to supporting the health and performance of athletes and active individuals. With specialized services in sports medicine, led by Dr. Alan Gane, we cater to sports-related health needs and injuries, ensuring that you can return to the activities you love with confidence.

Active Care for Active Lives

Your Partner in Sports Health and Recovery
Goolwa Medical Centre understands the importance of specialized care for sports enthusiasts and athletes. With dedicated sports medicine services, including a focused clinic for weekend injuries, Dr. Alan Gane brings expertise and a passion for sports to the community, supporting you through every sprint, dive, and leap.

Dedicated Sports Clinic Services

Comprehensive Support for Athletes

Dr Alan Gane has an interest in musculoskeletal and sports medicine & is a keen supporter and provider for local sports clubs in Goolwa. Dr Gane has a regular Monday morning sports clinic during the winter months to provide services for weekend injuries!  Dr Gane has a special interest in concussion in sports.

Don’t let injuries sideline you. Take advantage of our specialized Sports Clinic with Dr. Alan Gane and get back to peak performance. Schedule your appointment for post-weekend injury care or ongoing sports health support now.