Comprehensive Health Assessment for Seniors

At Goolwa Medical Centre, we are devoted to providing exceptional care and comprehensive health assessments specifically tailored for individuals aged 75 and above. Our expert team is here to address all aspects of senior health, ensuring a better quality of life through our personalized services.

Specialized Care for Seniors

Ensuring a Healthy and Fulfilling Life Beyond 75
Aging is a natural part of life, and at Goolwa Medical Centre, we embrace this journey by providing thorough and thoughtful health assessments for those aged 75 and over. Our aim is to identify and address potential health issues early on, ensuring a proactive approach to maintaining and improving health and quality of life. We are here to support our senior patients every step of the way, offering expert care and advice tailored to their unique needs.

Our Commitment to Senior Health

Comprehensive and Preventative Care for Ages 75 and Above

A health assessment of an older person is an in-depth assessment of a patient aged 75 years and over.
It provides a structured way of identifying health issues and conditions that are potentially preventable or amenable to interventions in order to improve health and/or quality of life.

Take the first step towards enhancing your health and well-being in your senior years. Contact Goolwa Medical Centre today to schedule your Over 75 Health Assessment, ensuring you receive the comprehensive care and support you deserve.