Practice Info

Appointments / Reminders

  • Whilst we do not generally bulk bill, we are not insensitive to the costs associated with chronic illness. Please discuss this matter with your doctor as alternative arrangements are available in times of hardship. Childhood immunisation services are provided as a (bulk bill) Medicare benefit.
  • A schedule of fees is displayed at the rear of reception area and a more detailed account information sheet is available at reception.
  • If you wish to self-identify your cultural background i.e. Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander in your health information record please advise a staff member or your doctor.
  • Patients that self-identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander will be bulk billed and invited to participate in relevant health programs that may be available.
  • Medicare online is available for patient convenience.
  • If you have multiple health issues to discuss, please book a longer appointment by advising reception staff when phoning for an appointment
  • Transfer of medical records can be found here.


  • Would you like to take part in our recalls/reminders?

    For things such as:-

    Cervical Screening



    Please let your GP or Nurse know when you are in your appointment

Results / Requests

  • Goolwa Medical Centre has an appointment recall reminder system for non urgent medical results via SMS or phone call.  You may be asked to make a non urgent appointment to see your doctor to discuss results. Any urgent recall will be made via our nurses/doctor via phone call.  
  • Goolwa Medical Centre has an appointment reminder system for immunisation, cervical screening, cholesterol and blood pressure checks. If you wish to be included in our appointment reminder system please advise your doctor, nurse or reception staff.

Practice Communication Policy

  • Interpreter Services information is  available here
  • Telephone Calls
    • Your doctor is available by telephone; however calls to the doctors can sometimes inconvenience patients while having their consultation. In some cases, the nurse or receptionist may be able to assist you.
    • If your call is urgent you’ll be put through to the nurse and will be triaged accordingly.
    • A message may be left for the attention of the doctor and will be returned as soon as possible.
  • Email
    • While we make every effort to keep your information secure we want to remind our patients that electronic communications can potentially be compromised and accessed by persons outside of our practice. Patients communicating Goolwa Medical Practice through email do so at their own risk.


We understand things don’t always go to plan.  If there is an issue you wish to discuss, we welcome your feedback.  Goolwa Medical Centre Complaint Form.